Welcome to Karamanju

Welcome to the Karamanju – Dive, travel and adventure blog. With a leading pair of photo journalists at the helm, and a few guest writers. We bring you a series of articles, travelogues, expedition logs, and thoughtful opinion pieces- all set alongside some world class photography.

We firmly believe that some of the adventure has been lost from our travellers of today. Some of the travellers and divers today are so risk averse that perhaps they are too cautious. And through that over-caution, they miss out on experiences. They don’t dive deeper than 100ft without a twin set. They don’t go out and buy a second hand truck, take 2 months off work and then drive across the Sahara. They don’t spend a month trekking in Nepal independently. None of these things are any more dangerous than crossing the road in New York, or skiing down a black slope, but they are seen as such.

We dive around the world, often in the most remote locations, we trek in the Himalayas,  over remote passes and off season, and we love the desert. We bring you the stories of our lives. Perhaps we are somewhat old school, but we are not foolish, and would not encourage you to be. We simply invite you to read about our adventures, mundane or otherwise and realise that there is more to this world than the package tour.

In addition to this we review the odd bit of  travel and expedition kit, cameras, bags, coats, vehicles, and airlines. We report to you,  you who has the best legroom and the best food. That is until they change it.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Raf & Scott

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